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Visit Our Ghost Town: Joadja


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**On Saturday afternoon for day trips

Come visit us and see what we have to offer! You can participate in as much or as little as you like- at your leisure!

Joadja is an intriguing and unique part of Australia’s history, and we’re offering the opportunity to explore it! Situated only 1 ½ hours from Sydney’s CBD, Joadja is the perfect overnight trip for travellers looking for a bit of an adventure against a backdrop of fascinating Australian scenery.


It is the large shale deposits occurring around the valley that first brought people to Joadja. The mine commenced production in 1873 and was one of the most expansive and profitable sources of kerosene in Australia in its time. Imported Scottish miners were promised a good salary and quality housing in a more pleasant climate. For many, none of these things were true- the majority of miners and their families only survived in Joadja on the bare minimum.

Joadja is of national heritage significance, and offers a window to the past and the early years of Australia’s mining boom. You’ll be able to experience a guided tour of the township, hearing detailed stories of the people that lived here and how the mine worked.



Our whisky distillery is soon to commence production, continuing on with the tradition initiated by the Scottish miners all those decades ago. Whisky will once again part of Joadja. We will be distilling our brew onsite and expect to have our first batch available for sale by the end of 2015. Happenings are happening...



It is said that the memories of the people that once lived here are as prominent as ever. According to local lore, there are two ghosts that wander parts of the valley- members of the town that passed on under unfortunate circumstances. Come and experience it for yourself! We offer night-time tours of the town that will give you the chance to hear the stories of our expired residents and explore their stomping grounds. It’s also a great time to go spotlighting for some of Australia’s iconic animals- kangaroos, wombats, possums and the like.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, send us an email or ask at reception on check in!


Do you want to experience Joadja from a working perspective?

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